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Products Official Ring Boxing Ring 4.88

Boxing Ring 4.88

Products Official Ring Boxing Ring 4.88


• Reinforced-steel structure and posts.
• Cushion-covered ropes with steel cable core, sectioned for easy mounting.
• Turnbuckles in each corner regulate tension.
• Long-lasting double layered ring padding; soft antishock surface reduces wear during
combat. Divided into sections for easy storage.
• Red and yellow corner lamps and buzzer.
• Net weight: 1 800 kilograms (3 970 lbs.)
• Storage space: 5 m3
• Two to four hours assembly time, requiring a team of five people and all materials in site.
• Meets principal professional boxing sanctioning bodies safety regulations.
• Assembly is secured with bolts (½") for stability and strength.
• Boxing ring can be adapted for wrestling purposes, by replacing the central leg with
a dedicated spring leg.
• For gym rings, special 2.5 meter posts with plate can work as heavy bag or speedbag
base. Up to two apparatuses per post can be installed.
• We provide detailed information for gym and special events equipment. Ring also
available for rent according to your needs.